Security Surveillance Systems Provided Locally by a Company You Can Rely on

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We offer the best residential and commercial security services in the Twin City Metro Area, Central MN, and Western WI.

XMedia LLC
XMedia LLC
XMedia LLC
XMedia LLC

Security Systems

Residential Systems

We offer a wide range of cameras, surveillance systems, and many more for homes.

Our home systems include:

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Siren Door Sensors

  • Glass Break Sensors

  • Email/text Alerts

  • Low-temp Sensors

  • Water Sensor

  • Motion Detector

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  • Remote Thermostat Control

  • Smoke Detector Carbon

  • Monoxide Detector

  • Lighting Control

  • Remote Door Locks

  • Cellular Communicators

  • LDC Keypad

  • Panic Pendant

  • State-of-the-art Control Panels

  • Doorbell Camera

  • Garage Door Opening and Closing

  • Remote Security System

Commercial Systems

Keep your business safe with our commercial systems like:

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  • Door and Window Intrusion Detection

  • Glass Break Sensors

  • Motion Sensors

  • Security Panel Access Control

  • Deterrent Sirens

  • 24/7 Logs of Event History

  • 24/7 Remote Access and Monitoring

  • Temperature Sensors

  • Water Detection

  • Carbon Monoxide & Fire Detection

  • Control Access & Lockdown to Key Areas

  • Remote Security System Access From a Smartphone

  • Sound Systems

  • Projection Systems

Security Cameras

We proudly offer security camera systems by manufacturers that are world leaders in Video Surveillance products, XMedia, LLC. Can custom tailor a Video Surveillance system to fit the security needs of your home, cabin or business at your budget!

XMedia LLC
XMedia LLC
XMedia LLC
XMedia LLC

Access Control

Featuring Access Control Systems by, we offer complete Access Control for your home or business at your fingertips, whether you are at work, home, or on the go, utilizing the easy to use app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Pairing with our other security services, gives you the peace of mind that your investments is safe and secure.